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Install OpenCV on Windows

Follow this link to setup an running version of OpenCV with Visual Studio on Windows 7 64bit: Continue Reading →

USB WiFi with Yocto on MarS board

What you need: – a MarS board with Yocto build installed – a USB WiFi Now let start: 1. Plug in USB Wifi on USB port and start board. 2. List all USB interface to make sure ... Continue Reading →

Integrated OpenCV into Yocto

To integrate Open CV into Yocto add this line into the recipe: IMAGE_INSTALL_append += ” opencv opencv-dev” The recipe OpenCV 3.0: Run ... Continue Reading →

Count the frequency of number in a array

The question: Given an array of int, write a function that prints out the frequency of each integer that occurred in descending order. For example, if the elements of the array are: 5, ... Continue Reading →

Remove duplicate from sorted array by “in-place” function

This question make me quite embarrassed when be asked without prepared. I can answer/write this function but that’s a not good solutions. Quite sad haizz After do some search, ... Continue Reading →

Count number of set bits of a unsigned int type number

This question is a FAQ in the technical interview for position related to Embedded because some reasons: – It’s about programming. – It’s related to hacking ... Continue Reading →

Some words for new category: Embedded Software

I create this category Embedded Software dedicated for: – Tips and tricks about C/C++. – Topics about programming languages for Embedded System. – Questions that you ... Continue Reading →

[Hướng nghiệp] Kỹ sư hệ thống nhúng P2

Làm sao biết được tôi có phù hợp với công việc liên quan đến hệ thống nhúng? Bài này mình viết với mục đích hướng nghiệp nên nhóm đọc ... Continue Reading →

[Hướng nghiệp] Kỹ sư hệ thống nhúng P1

Tại sao tôi nên học nhúng? Chắc bạn đã từng nghe câu: Trăm nghe không bằng một thấy – Trăm thấy không bằng một sờ Vâng, làm nhúng nó có ... Continue Reading →

Hello world!!!

I create this blog to share my knowledge and vision in embedded system area. As an embedded enthusiast, be worked with new system and technology related to embedded is my pleasure. ... Continue Reading →